Bailey’s Billion $

Bailey’s Billion$Bailey, the Golden Retriever, was given a golden handshake by his dear recently departed owner, Constance Pennington, in the movie Bailey’s Billion $. A handshake to the tune of billions. Of dollars. Not exactly what Caspar, her nephew, and Dolores, his wife, would have envisaged even in their worst nightmares. So they had to find a way to undo her will, so to say. Did they succeed? Not if Bailey and his friends, both two-legged and four-legged, could help it.


In a video, marked to be watched after she had crossed over to the other side, Constance Pennington, bequeathed her entire estate, worth billions, to her most loyal and most trusted companion, Bailey. Said Bailey being a bit long in the tooth and fur, as would be expected of any well-bred Golden Retriever.

That was the starting point of the movie Bailey’s Billion $, produced in 2005 by Devine Productions with David Devine directing the show. The screenplay was written by Heather Conkie and Mary Walsh. In some dog movies, the canine star talked. In some, the canine star does not talk. Bailey, in this case, talked through the voice of Jon Lovitch. Soho VFX supplied the special effects that supported the illusion.

Tim Curry played Caspar Pennington, the nephew of the recently departed billionaire with Jennifer Tilly playing the supporting role of his wife, Dolores Pennington. Dean Cain played the role of Theodore Maxwell, who had been designated as billionaire-dog guardian.

Bailey, the canine star, was played by a Golden Retriever. Historically, Golden Retrievers were bred to help waterfowl hunters bring home the bacon, or in this case, the duck. For this role, Golden Retrievers were outfitted with a double-layered wetsuit, so to speak. A sleek water-repellent outer coat over a dense inner coat. Said coat being mainly in various shades of gold.

Golden Retrievers are now more often trained for work as guide dogs for the blind and deaf. Being very friendly, Golden Retrievers are also very good pets, ranked as the fourth most popular family dog breed in the United States.

In the movie Bailey’s Billion $, Bailey lived it up as a billionaire-dog. He looked especially bon vivant with sunglasses perched on his long, aristocratic nose. The light of his life was Tessa, a Border Collie.

Border Collies are from the Anglo-Scottish border region and were originally bred as livestock herders to work on farms. They are very active dogs and are often considered as the most intelligent of all dog breeds. There was one named Betsy which was confirmed to have a vocabulary of more than 300 words. They are also very sensitive and make excellent companions. Their double coats are usually black and white. Sometimes, they have tricolour coats. Single colour coats are not common..

This dog breed has an interesting way of indicating it’s mood with it’s tail position. When it’s tail is tucked between the legs, it is ready for work. When the tail is up and wagging, it’s time for fun and games.

Caspar and Dolores did their evil best to bring Bailey’s life of luxury to a quick and abrupt end. The dastardly duo were already operating an illegal dog breeding farm to finance their luxurious lifestyle. Said farm being set up with money illegally channeled from the late billionaire’s trust fund.

Now, in desperation they decided to kidnap Bailey and hold him for ransom. However, Maxwell, Bailey’s guardian, together with Marge Maggs, an animal rights advocate, as well as Samantha, her daughter, did a good job of thwarting their plan. Ably assisted by Bailey and Tessa, of course.

There was a strong possibility that Bailey and Tessa might just set up their own personal breeding farm.

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